Ubik: Geospatial Solutions


computer science & geospatial technologies specialists from around the world


helping end users and organizations to make Smarter decisions

UBIK Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial and Location based services are growing in popularity on web and mobile platforms.
Ubik Geospatial Solutions was created to address the growing need for project managers and programmers in this field.

Our mission

Ubik exists to transfer research and development know-how to the development of geospatial solutions, to help end users and organizations to make Smarter decisions.

Our history

Ubik GS is a new venture with 15 years of experience behind it. Ubik was spun-off in late 2013 from the Universitat Jaume I (UJI) Geotec research group due to the need to provide commercial-grade software development, project management, delivery and support to organizations around the world. The Ubik team has been working with geospatial technologies since 1998 at UJI, and has participated in numerous R&D projects in the "geo" field. These projects include European Union funded projects involving web service creation and integration, technical consulting to companies and UN agencies, and nationally (Ministry of Education or Valencia regional government) funded research.

During these years our team has built a reputation for designing and building geo-solutions which are innovative, functional, and economical. Better. Faster. Cheaper. The Ubik team has built strong relationships with international organizations and other research teams, which allows us added reach beyond our own internal capacities.

Our team

Joaquín Huerta:
IT professor with 20 years experience, veteran entrepreneur in 2 Internet services companies, EU project manager.

Michael Gould:
Part-time IT professor, Education Manager at Esri Inc., EU project manager, co-founder of Vespucci.org

Sven Casteleyn:
Part time IT professor & senior post-doctoral researcher, expert in Web and Mobile technologies

Carlos Granell:
Part time IT professor & senior post-doctoral researcher, expert in Web and Geospatial technologies

Our technical people were trained in the GEOTEC research group and have masters degrees in computer science and/or geospatial technologies. We also count on specialist consultants and collaborators from around the world.