Ubik: Geospatial Solutions

Ubik offers ICT programming services to implement web and mobile applications for geospatial (or location-based) information integration.

These services include:

- Location-based Mobile application (including GeoGames) development
- Web Mapping application development
- Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)
- Smart City (Smart Campus) application development
- Integration of Social Media data with other information systems

Ubik is a spin-off company supported by more than 15 years of ICT project experience in the university research group GEOTEC (geotec.uji.es).
Ubik works with all major IT platforms including Esri technology, and thrives working on hybrid solutions.

Keys to success
We consider geospatial information an invaluable tool for all companies and organizations, in general, who want to know the geographical distribution of their users/citizens/sales, strategies and the results of their actions.

Projects & Demos
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Geospatial Technologies

Our experience in on-line geospatial technologies, GIS and beyond, helps us add value to a wide array of IT projects which often are missing the locational perspective.


We have worked on environmental projects in areas such as hydrologic resources, air quality monitoring, and agricultural production (2014).

Smart Cities

Deployment of Smart systems to monitor and manage resource consumption and sustainable development, taking into account both governmental and citizen-contributed data.

Social Networks Analysis

Our services leverage information from social networks and visualize where people are talking about key topics.


Advanced geo-visualization helps our customers to derive useful information from the large amount of data.


Gamified applications help to create more engaged users and obtain greater participation in data collection initiatives.